Design Services – Design Progam Management Consultancy

Concept Stage

Assist client in bringing on board the technical team (consultants) Architects, Structural & MEP consultants, landscape architects, specialized consultants for lighting, façade, green building, MoEF EC, traffic, survey, geo technical investigation, rock mapping, hydrology, interior designer in consultation with the client.

Reviewing the design submitted by architects and consultants as follows:

• Importance is given for controlling wastages, which eventually result in reducing the project cost.
• Recommendation of type of structure, method of construction, MEP systems which best suits for the project.
• Applying various value engineering methods to suit the project budget.
• Checking the cost of construction and aligning the same with preliminary estimate
• Phasing of design, master planning

Conducting regular Design Review Meetings.

Schematic and DD Stage

  • Commencing the schematic design after the approval of concept design.
  • During schematic design, architectural plans are frozen, detailed out along with structure and MEP designs.
  • All other support designs inputs are completed to support architectural services closure.
  • Checking the cost of construction and aligning the same with preliminary estimate.
  • Detailed Design (DD stage) stage will be completed with all other services and the services are ready for the issue of GFC drawings.
  • Checking the cost of construction and aligning the same with preliminary estimate before closure of DD stage.
  • To monitor the issue of GFC drawings for execution.
  • Scrutinize drawings issued for any errors.

Costing and tender monitoring

The agreed estimate with the client will be reviewed at three stages as stated above, to ensure that the cost of the project is as per the agreed terms.

Final BOQ for all the discipline will be received from the respective consultants and scrutinized before issue to client. This will ensure

• No surprises during execution.
• Clarity regarding the designs.
• The contractor will get all the drawings and final quantities.
• NT items are avoided to the maximum extent.

Conducting regular Design Review Meetings.


  • Conducting weekly DRMs, preparation of MOM, follow up with arch / consultant for design closure, issue of details as per the schedule.
  • Preparation of PERT chart for design closure.
  • Providing responsibility matrix to all the technical team.
  • Monitoring progress of design and sending regular reports to the client.
Design Program Management Consultancy is a systematic professional approach towards managing designs through proper co-ordination with architects, consultants and the client.
The co-ordination will be carried out based on the established system and tracked using checklists, SOPs and standards derived.
The review mechanism will ensure optimisation & efficient design. This will also ensures the control over the cost of construction during design stage.