Project Management Consultancy (PMC)


Prepare detailed activity-wise Master Program for the entire project identifying the specific activities with inter-activity dependency, sequencing and activity duration (Bar charts, CPM, etc.)

Prepare a work breakdown structure (WBS) for the project dividing the scope into smaller work packages.

Co-relate program schedules prepared by successful contractors with Master Program schedule and incorporate necessary modifications.

Review ‘GFC’ drawings issued by various consultants.

Design formats required to monitor progress of work and reporting.

Conduct weekly site meetings to monitor progress of work, co-ordinate activities of all agencies and ensure that all outstanding matters, drawings and decisions are resolved.

Review monthly progress of the works, compare with planned program and submit status report to the client.

Suggest modifications in construction if any, due to site condition and advice on variation to cost.

Check on long lead items for procurement of material and equipment to be procured by contractor or client.

Follow up with architects and consultants for obtaining drawings & designs.


Prepare cash flow for the project based on the construction program schedule and recommend commercial terms of payments to the contractors and suppliers.

Review monthly project cost between planned cost v/s actual cost and forecast effect of changes.

Ensuring that all appropriate changes are recorded accurately.

Recommendation for project costing and estimates for approval. Also develop an effective system for overall project cost control.


Ensure compliance to drawings and specifications during execution.

Set quality control procedures such as pour-cards, checklists, etc.

Inspect and ensure that standards of workmanship are achieved.

Ensure documentation of quality procedures implemented.

Conduct periodic “quality meetings” to maintain preset quality standards./p>

Check that product guarantees are available.

Inspect completed works and recommend action.

Ensure that appropriate tests and inspections are carried out by the contractors to ensure that the work conforms to quality standards.

Ensure the correction of defects pointed out by the client/Architect/Consultants


Advise on site safety procedures and methods for incorporation at site to minimize accidents and injuries.

Advise on use of Personnel Protection Equipment’s and Safety appliances.

Advise on healthy and hygienic requirements at site.


Vetting of material requirement schedule prepared by Contractors based on the Bill of quantities and Construction Program.

Checking of material reconciliation statements for client issued materials.


Progress of work against master schedule.

Material procurement.

Man Power schedule.

Cost of project against budget.

Quality issues and recommendations.

Progress photographs by e-mail.


Verification of Bills and certification for payment

Preparation of variation statements & approve rate analysis for extra items.


Ensuring submission of completion report, ’As Built’ drawings (Obtained by Contractors) and comparative statements with regard to physical and financial inputs & outputs as compared to the original estimates and forecasts, on completion of job.

Ensure inspection, testing and commissioning of various equipment’s installed in the project to satisfy the performance requirements.

Obtaining and submitting of receipt of warranties and guarantees to the client.

Prepare and submit a closure report.

Commissioning and handing over of the project to the client.